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The top 20 brands by CoolBrands

Since 2001, Cool Brands a UK stablished enterprise, makes a list of the brands they consider to be the best ones of the year. They want to find referents in branding and they search for innocation, authenticity, originality and desirability. This sutdy is done by 36 influencers and professionals, who …

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Selected the 6 TGF for the R&D project

The R&D project, carried by Milab, starts this year once assigned the 6 selected TFG to their correspondent enterprise. The project wants to create new bridges between students and the work world and let them cooperate together. With this ambitious project we want the students to have the advise of …

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11 students from Blanquerna FCRI selected to enter “Xarxa Comunica i Empren”

Fundeco, the Comunication Fundation, has made public the list of people who are going to participate in this year edition of the program Xarxa Comunica i Empren. This program gives the chance to students, or people involved in the world of journalism and advertising, to attend various classes done by experts about …