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Nacho Escolar censorship : removed an interview about 11-M

Ignacio Escolar is one of those journalists who are constantly denouncing the bad practices of the profession and does not hesitate to point out to colleagues from other media that in his opinion do not meet its quality standards. Warns on social networks and where needed. One of them occurred this weekend when he removed an interview about 11-M from his newspaper because it was not on the ideological line of the publication.

Saturday, when social media was impossible to stop the avalanche of criticism for removing this interview with Cyrille Martin, author of the documentary Un nouveau Dreyfus? on the attacks of March 11, 2004 in Madrid, Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte stepped out with a makeshift explanation in his capacity as member of the management team (deputy) of

“The interview should have never been published, so we have to apologize for the mistake,” said Saenz de Ugarte perhaps as a messenger of censorship Ignacio Escolar. He continues by stating that “Martin holds a conspiracy theory in their work under the guise of highlighting the mistakes that were made in the police and judicial investigation. In doing so, it endorses the theories that have circulated for several years journalists Pedro J. Ramirez and Federico Jimenez Losantos and some leaders of the Popular Party. “

The practical explanation for the withdrawal of the interview is because according to Ugarte, “Martin adds nothing to the conversation with facts to support his theories. Commends research not deserve the name of people who held no specific errors in the instruction, but the entire police investigation was a fraud, including off the explosive backpack containing mobile phone which allowed arrest several involved in the attacks “.

And why was it published? “We knew from the interview because the author had offered to our delegation in Murcia and get him not to leave. To our surprise, he appeared in another issue, and that’s when we decided to remove it”, he continued. The fact is that if only a few hours the interview was published in the edition of Castilla La Mancha This mistake filter is explained by Ugarte because “autómicas issues are associated media cooperatives, foundations, associations and companies that share our independent editorial line and principles. They have direct access to our publishing system without going through a prefilter and operate relatively autonomously “.

Ugarte concluded that these issues “are subject to the editorship of, but usually do not participate from the wording of Madrid in their day-to-day decisions.” “The failure to publish this interview was corrected for a few hours when we realized, but it demonstrates that we must improve coordination with our media partners in other regions,” he concluded.

Faced with these perfectly valid explanations we wonder to what extent these local issues have full independence and if it were so, we question the fate of ideological dictatorship of the creators of the header to see content that did not pan , they rushed to withdraw without notice. School Ignacio and his team regularly give lessons to good news, but this time the management of this crisis was not the best exercise censorship an interview that however biased it was, the fact remains that in fact want to withdraw by ideological reasons.

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