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The Colombine Award opens the registration period for its fifth edition

One more year, the Association of Journalists of Almería Press has called for the Colombine Journalism Award, in memory of journalist Carmen de Burgos Almeria continued with the aim of recognizing the professional work of those who bet on the issues concerning the role of women in society and achieve leave reflected in the media. For this, both the association and others that collaborate with it as APM, FAPE and the Association of Journalists of Andalusia have opened the registration period.

The bases and criteria to be eligible for the award Colombine focus on meeting basic conditions as they are original works and published since 1 January 2015 until 31 December this year. For this reason, the work may be submitted until one in the afternoon of February 10. In addition, we must adhere to rules that depend on the medium in which the information is published.

Press.- is original and / or copy of the publication (in PDF digital format), where work is displayed, along with the data of the author, date, page and a half it was published presented.

Radio.– be presented in a CD, DVD or digital file, accompanied by a certificate from the director of the media including the date, place and program broadcast, and the identity of the journalist author or team of journalists who carried it out.

Television.- be presented in a CD or DVD, with the director of the media proving the date and program of emission certificates and the identity of the journalist author or team of journalists who have made digital file.

Internet.- be presented in PDF file format or CD, visible with standard web browsers and accompanied by a brief description of the site, indicating the link DVD. The AP-SALW reserves the right to request a certificate of accommodation online.

The Colombine Award, which may be forfeited, is single, common and is paid 3,000 euros and the failure of himself will be known on 10 May after a jury consisting of a representative of the Association of Journalists of the Almeria Press and another of the APM, and several representatives of the world of communication and letters designate the AP-SALW.

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