HIPSTERLAND. A webseries from two Blanquerna’s Alumni

Hipsterland is a webseries that parodies the hipster world  “through the most extreme topics,” as quoted by the newspaper Ara. The series has the support of Minoria Absoluta and Estrella Damm. It consists of 13 episodes of 15 minutes each.

This is a project created by Ivan and Marc Pansiello Sarrato, both students of the Faculty, the Degree in Advertising and Cinema and Television, respectively.

“Hipsterland” is starring in addition to those two, Jordi M. Manau, Enric Boada, Laura Prats, Claudia Sandoval, Deulofeu Nuria, Nuria Martinez and Martin Garcia. Each chapter has a different director and some episodes with the participation of actors like Mario Hernandez or musician Gerard Quintana.

The series revolves around Yon, a young “garrulo” whose girlfriend splits up considering his low cultural concern. From here, Yon try to make a turn in his life, with the help of some old friends from school, a group of ‘hipsters’ who share an apartment in Barcelona.

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Here is the web page if you want to take a look!

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