Audience Design 2016

This training focuses on international professionals of cinema, audiovisual and digital sector wishing to acquire extensive experience in generating strategies to involve the audience in various States of production of international and independent projects. The deadline to register is February 29, 2016.

The training is structured in two weeks of in-person workshops in April/May and August 2016, more participation to the TFL Meeting Event in November 2016 and sessions online tracking. The profile of the participants is the international film, video, audiovisual, professional sales and marketing interested to get a hands-on experience in the knowledge of the audience and the strategies of commitment to independent in an advanced state of development or post-production film projects.

Audience Design training program goes beyond a vision of creative marketing of a movie, using the narrative as a driving force and to build communities, a social impact and on digital media as well as activities around the project. There is an open and experimental vision that encourage participants to explore new ways of communicating content through specific strategies. The price of this formation is € 500. There is the possibility to apply for a grant. The deadline to request a place is February 29, 2016.

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