Final Master Project (TFM & TFP)

“Por azar”, The Master project by Yennifer Uribe

Sandra, a security guard of a shopping center, meets Javier, the bus driver who takes  her every morning to work. Between they two arises an attraction, and although each is integrated into their daily lives, the desire for a new encounter becomes the illusion of every day in the middle of their routine lives. The attraction rises in such a way that it leads to having an affair while both are married. By chance Javier discovers that Sandra has a stable family life and decides to split up with her. Sandra has no choice but to accept the decision of Javier but… she’s maybe making a mistake.


This is the storyline of the new project of the student of Master Yennifer Uribe. It will be a  film about 85 minutes, and you can find the TEASER  here 

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-23 a la(s) 18.51.52

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