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Will the UK leave eh EU? The ‘Brexit’ in the European gatherings in English

We continue with the European gatherings in English. In the nearby we’ll talk about the ‘Brexit‘, the possible departure of the United Kingdom of the Union European, and it will be on Tuesday, March 15th, from 14:15 to 15:15 pm.

February 19, the European Council reached an agreement with David Cameron to defend the continuity of the United Kingdom in the EU. To reach the agreement, the European Council had to make some generous concessions, as the exemption in the United Kingdom be linked to ‘more Europe’, or the controversial “emergency brake”, which cut workers rights.

Despite the concessions, Cameron was not granted some of their most important claims and to the United Kingdom, there are voices, like that of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, or the Minister of Justice, Michael Gove, that they consider insufficient the agreement and will campaign for the ‘no’ to the referendum on the output of the EU. The campaign has begun and British society is divided. What will happen at the end?

To discuss this important subject we have invited John R. Etherington, Professor of the UAB Faculty of politics, specializing in European integration and nationalism, which, from the dual perspective of citizen British and EU expert, will be an introduction to the subject.

Again, Francesco Camonita act as driver and moderator of the chat.

Inscriptions can be made to the Facebook event and email ( In any case, it is not mandatory to warn whenever there are and there is no limit of places. To update you on the subject, you will find many links in the event of Facebook.

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