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Online advertising, a wolf with sheep skin

The digital world, has nowadays already monopolized all eyes, not only of consumers, but also the media and above all, of the marketeros. Fever online advertising has not done more to grow in recent years, and all indications are that this trend will be steady this year.

Figures thus confirm it, and it is that several studies, including one from eMarketer, ensure that investment in digital advertising will grow to $ 77.380 million, representing el38, 4% of the total advertising expenditure. However, television maintained its second place with 35.8% and an expense that amounted to 72.010 million dollars, down 39.1% in 2014.

Ans it is that digital growth is unstoppable, and grows at the same speed as the obsession of the marketer to be present in the world. And it is not surprising, considering that a medium is considerably cheaper than the television and that consumption by users has doubled while the traditional media falls 25 minutes, as it assures a study of ZenithOptimedia.

However, despite the obvious advantages that offers this type of advertising still, there are many obstacles that arise if really worth investing in the digital world.

On the one hand is the issue of fraud, which has in vilo to the digital world and that sent directly to waste billions of dollars of investment in advertising that never comes to be seen by the target of consumers.

Although throughout the industry is aware that this is one of the biggest obstacles in the digital world, not be reached still a consensual solution to deal with it, making the effectiveness of campaigns is reduced to half or less.

On the other hand, the growing phenomenon ad blocker is a real headache for the marketeros and prevent advertisers achieve results from their investments. However, the origin of this problem is not to the detriment of the quality of the creative.

As well as on television we are spectators of original and surprising campaigns in which unfolds enormous creativity, digital media advertising quality lacks, and is perceived by industry professionals as a cajón desastre where what really matters is to get clicks.

And it is certainly the opposite as informative saturation of digital media requires a greater effort by advertisers to capture the attention of consumers through branding producing engagement and offering reasons users to not block advertising.

Faced with this panorama, which is bearing the brunt are traditional media newspapers and magazines that come down sharply its advertising revenue and lead them to a situation of economic crisis is really important. These media are, in turn, which for a long time have provided the best results of campaigns, and who are now engulfed by the digital medium.

Obviously the importance of online advertising, because it is where the vast majority of consumers and target audience of the brands. However, it is worth stopping to reflect rather than acting because he dominated and rating the real convenience of huge investments of money in a medium where still the marketeros are not the Kings of mambo.

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