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An app that rewards “good” advertising

AdBlock Plus announces the launch of an app that rewards the “good” advertising

One of the most hated by the marketing industry and, at the same time most loved by consumers. And it is that, the conflict that exists worldwide marketer with advertising-blocking software companies is increasingly more tense and totally opposite perspectives.

For advertisers, the origin of the problem is the proliferation of this type of services that are leading to the advertising crisis online and complain about the lack of ethics of these companies to blackmail in Exchange for inclusion in their famous “white list”.

However, for companies of blocking the problem comes from the lack of quality in ads that are less interesting, informative and creative and more irruptive in consumers that browsing experience tired, decide to block them. The relationship between the two does not pass his Prime even though things can change with the launch of a new application of AdBlock Plus which, it says, will award the “good” ads, i.e., those non-disruptive, which are aligned with the content of the page and offer useful and relevant information for users.

cesar 300Ben Williams, spokesman for Eyeo, has ensured that the application will be made available to the public this summer and, although he has offered no details on its operation, if confirmed that it is oriented to encourage advertisers to monetize their content from other maneras.cesar 300, this new app along with the program for acceptable advertisements placed by the company offering the marketeros guidelines for the current of your systems , they can assume a new stage in relations between ad blockers and marketeros and what is more important, between marketeros and consumers.

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