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Netflix unveils the details of its first series produced and filmed in Spain

A few months ago the Spanish attended the anticipated landing of Netflix in Spain with a clear intention: work with patriotic professionals in the audiovisual sector to create local content that could be exported to the rest of the world.

Now, after many rumors, the company has confirmed the first series of own production in Spain. A fiction that will be born by the hand of the director of two of the most popular series in recent times in our country: “Velvet” and “Grand Hotel”, Carlos Sedes.

The filming will begin in Madrid this year and will premiere globally in the entire platform of Netflix in 2017. As for the plot, it will focus on the lives of four women living in Madrid in the 1920s. All with different origins United by their work as agents in the only operator that existed in our country.

The four protagonists reach the capital willing to participate in the great technological revolution that went through Spain, with jealousy, friendship and ambition as companions. For the moment, the title that will be released which will be the new bamboo productions work is unknown. One of its creators and executive producer, Ramón Campos, has shown his emotion before the election of Netflix.

” We are fans of all their original series and we are proud to be part of this project.” The first season there will be a total of 16 episodes of 50 minutes duration each.”

“We are delighted to be working with bamboo productions, with director Carlos Sedes and the Gema Neira cocreadora in nuestraprimera Original Series filmed in Spain. We are big fans of his work in ‘Grand Hotel’ and ‘Velvet’, epic romances that have had a great reception by our users around the world. We are confident that our subscribers will love this drama terribly attractive and unique, created by some of the best writers of Spain”, says Eirk Barmack, international Vice President of original of Netflix, as collected in Fomula TV.

Netflix doesn’t hesitate to invest in the production of content adapted to the markets in which offers its services. One way of adding new patriotic spectators as well as to increase the export of products to other countries. We find a success story with the “Narcos” series, which has surprised even the own platform.

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