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Marketing activities are not always a lucrative purpose, recently the Club de Creativos honor more award-winning social campaigns during the past 15 years and, as well, they say there are times that the ads try to convince you that your mobile has been old, and others that remind you that there are 4,000 kilometers people dying from hunger and thirst, as in the case of social marketing. In prnoticias they spoke with Silvia Loro responsible corporate program of the Foundation make it possible, deal with it new challenges of social marketing and the perfect Alliance of NGOs-company, needed to raise funds and promote campaigns.

The role of the employees of the NGO Alliance, has undergone a change in recent years, now the employee agrees more with the cause, getting the benefit of personal satisfaction. That also translates into an atmosphere work more relaxed, where employees feel that their work is also used to help those most in need, such as those who work in banks.

We also treated social marketing activities and the keys to proper cooperation between a company and an NGO. Highlights three aspects to maximize the benefits of this Alliance. The first would be, according to Silvia Loro: “meet and secondly know more, the enterprise must understand how the social sector, real difficulties are the beneficiaries and the NGOs have to understand the company, resources and skills have their employees to provide” thus manages to bring out the best of each of the parties. It is finally build together, the best projects are those where everyone brings together. However there is still long way to go for that company and NGO understood, although the evolution in the last 5 years has been enormous. Still having challenges as being more transparent with the other in the horizons, know accurately both the objectives of one party and another and talk about the key financing solutions.

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