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David Simon conference at Blanquerna FCRI, now available

Now, in Serielizados youtube channel, you can watch the whole conference offered in early April, by the American famous writer David Simon at our School, which awoke special interest from Audiovisual Communication students.

“The best thing about television is that, unlike film, the writer has the power: the writer sits alongside the director and has control and protection of the script, making sure the camera does what he wants and that the script is respected. The version of the series is the version of the writer,” said Simon at Blanquerna.


During the masterclass, moderated by director David Trueba, Simon talked about the way his journalism background (he worked for almost a decade in local newspaper The Baltimore Sun) influenced his work as a writer:

“I think and express myself in television as I did in the newspaper: I want to integrate the real world in my fiction, I want to tell real stories that real people have lived, using their real names, making other actors do the acting.”

Simon has never renounced this journalistic fidelity. In the series Generation Kill, he hired professional soldiers to engrave radio broadcasts, and Treme, the musicians play the instruments within a typical club in New Orleans.

During the ceremony, Simon received the Extraordinary Blanquerna Award from dean, Dr. Josep M. Carbonell, for his “contribution to the renewal of television and audiovisual language”.

Finally, Simon sent a message to the students in the room: “Be daring, innovate: if producers in your country don’t like the stories you wanna make, maybe that’s a symptom of health.”


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