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Tono Folguera: “‘The one-eyed King’ is not a production model, arises from the need and not get chest”

Tono Folguera returns to Málaga. After taking five prizes in 2014 with ‘ 10,000 km’, the opera prima of Carlos Marques-Marcet, half Lastor, together with El Terrat coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya and delICEC participation, returns to the Andalusian contest with ‘The one-eyed King’, film adaptation of the homonymous work of theatre, created and directed by Marc Crehuet.

The own Crehuet is who has taken the reins of this black comedy that takes part in the official section and that has based its production on the desire of the whole team. Joaquim Oristrell, screenwriter of films such as ‘Word of mouth’ or ‘between the legs’, multiple TV series, and director of ‘Talk’, shot in flat sequence from beginning to end, was who gave to Crehuet the idea to film ‘The one-eyed King’. ‘Name’, ‘A savage God’ or ‘The dinner of idiots’ were some of the examples that Santander scriptwriter and director took on the head when working on the adaptation of the work. Sylvia Steinbrecht Art Director and director of photography Xavi Gimenez joined after the project seduced by the script.

Crehuet has ensured that ‘The one-eyed King’ is “a black, dark comedy that aims to put in evidence the perplexity faced a complex and often incoherent social reality”.’ The one-eyed King ‘ tells the story of David, a riot policeman who is experiencing the eye a protester with a rubber ball. The accident causes this demonstrator, Nacho, appearing at his home one night. So begins an acidic comedy about the fragility of the convictions, the nature of social roles and the search for truth. Folguera speaks with Audiovisual451 ‘The one-eyed in Spain King’ and possibilities of the new model of public AIDS to the cinema from a sensible point of view.


Tono Folguera: “’El rey tuerto’ no es un modelo de producción, surge de la necesidad y no saco pecho”

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