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How advertising can contribute for a better world

Tim Lindsay, director de la D&ADthe most recognized institution of the United Kingdom in terms of creativity, was in the c c 2016 to speak of the important role that industry advertising, and more specifically the creativity, can and should play in the sustainability of the planet. “We have a problem. We are draining resources and if we continue this way, in the year 2030 will need two lands, instead of one,”he said.

“All managers are keen to earn money,” he continued, “everyone needs to grow up in a world where resources are scarce. We live in a time of large inequalities that soon will lead to conflict. Governments, technology should… do something about it. The advertising we also have an important role to play in this situation because we are experts in provoking changes in behavior; We can cause people to change brand of brush teeth and also, why not, change their way of acting. We are a large community with a very powerful weapons”.
He cited as example the case of Howard Luck Gossage, the famous and American advertising innovator of the sixties to work struggled to save the Grand Canyon. “It was all a hero”, commented, and, in fact, eventually founding an NGO, friends of the Earth. And at this point also referred to a phrase that once gave a Dentsu advertising: ‘use your skills to try to solve social problems’. We have created an award, White Pencil, precisely to highlight those brands that work well in favor of caring for the Earth. It is a way to encourage companies to do things that benefit the society,”he said.
Talent jovenLindsay also made reference in his statement to another of the problems that is affecting society, in general, and to the advertising industry, in particular: the flight of young talent, something that, in some ways, is damaging the work of sustainability, which Lindsay, must play the advertising. “Is becoming increasingly more difficult to find young talent in our industry. Many of them turn their backs on advertising for entering the world of technology. We have, somehow, lost their confidence. Therefore our duty now is to create a culture that will attract young talent. We have to get the batteries and understand that we must do the right thing”.” Agencies are too busy in their daily work,”he said,”and they have no time to deal with climate change. We need new ways of generating economic benefits with more sustainable practices. Agencies must be there. Adopt policies that appeal to young people, who are the most willing to carry out this task. We have the opportunity to lead all this but there is still much work to do.”
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