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The 4P obsolescence

For more than 50 year we’ve benn using McCarthy’s 4P as marketing bases. Product, Placement, Price and Promotion seem to be getting older in this new digital era. That’s why a new pattern has appeard to turn the classic marketing bases upside down. This new model is called “S.A.V.E”:


1.Solution instead of Product

Nowadays costumers don’t look for an specific product, they look for solutions to they daily problems. That’s why we need to start focusing more in the problems, needs and solutions that can be solved with our product or servicer.


  1. Acces instead of Placement

We used to think that having the best corner in the city was the basis for success. In the digital era we are living in we care more about access. That means we have to make our campaign omnipresent in all kind of media channels. The customer won’t search on the streets what they can find on they’re phone, so we have to show the costumer how easy is for them to get our services or products


  1. Value instead of Price

If we want to give our product a price we have to see what does this product have to make it different from others. We must justify the price and the only way to do it is giving it a special value that makes it worth it.


  1. Education instead of Promotion

Nowadays, with the help of social media and platfforms as youtube or App’s we are given the chance to educate our future costumers and to show them how to use our product or service. That way of promoting our product based on education is much better than a storm of propaganda.

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