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Five Youtube Channels for journalism students

Youtube besides entretainig is an incredible tool to learn. Now we give you 5 kry Youtube channel for jourlanists.

They are all in spanish:

  1. Periodismo Para Todos

This channel from Argentina is trending topic in its country. Jorge Lanata hosts this Tv program that’s streamd in Youtube after it’s emission. Lenata is a popuar journalist and expert on investigation, literature, documentary, cinema and theater

  1. Entrevistes de Jorge Ramos

Jose Ramos is a worldwide known journalist famous for it’s interviews. Due to his infinite knowledge he’s able to talk with characters af all kind. In the channel we can find the best interviews.

  1. Luis Alberto Osnayo

In this channel we can find theoric lessons specialized in journalism. From the bases to useful tips, the journalist Luis Alberto Osnayo turns himself into an online teacher.

  1. Oppenheimer Presenta

Here we can find the most rated and famous Oppenheimer interviews. He is a Miami Herald columnist and a polotics analyst for CNN

  1. Classes de periodisme segons Esther Vargas

In here we will see magazines and confidences about 2.0 journalism and the role it plays in the digital era

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