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Selected the 6 TGF for the R&D project

The R&D project, carried by Milab, starts this year once assigned the 6 selected TFG to their correspondent enterprise. The project wants to create new bridges between students and the work world and let them cooperate together.

With this ambitious project we want the students to have the advise of the best professionals in their sector. That allows them to improve their TFGs and to see with a new perspective how their work is welcomed in the professional world. This year 17 students are going to take part in the R&D Project from Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Cinema and TV. The enterprises and the students selected with their respective TFG are:



Name of the TFG: Mi punto

Team members:

  • Guillem Carvajal Meseguer
  • Javier Estévez Quevedo
  • Aksel Germes Descharrois



Name of the TFG: The bond land

Members of the team:

  • Judith Quiñonero Freixes
  • Laura Serratosa Pascual
  • Carolina Zamora Rodríguez



Name of the TFG: Feel&Dance Music

Members of the team:

  • Ares Calderero Alguacil
  • Cristian Martinez Romeo
  • Sergio Martinez Díaz
  • Arnau Aguirre Altes



3rd Grade project:  Kronos  

Done by:

  • Marc Alsius Orfila



Name of the TFG: El método (the Method)

Members of the team:

  • Clara Franch Martínez
  • Martí Vilagut Treserra
  • Gemma Capdevila Barbé



Name of the TFG: Behind the leaves

Members of the team:

  • Gerard Campos Hernàndez
  • Laia Canadell Montoy
  • Eric Pons Mañes
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