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This are the 6 TFG asigned to the coach enterprises for the R&D Project in Milab

The R&D project, carried by Milab, starts this year once assigned the 6 selected TFG to their correspondent enterprise. The project wants to create new bridges between students and the work world and let them cooperate together. With this ambitious project we want the students to have the advise of the best professionals in their sector. That allows them to improve their TFGs and to see with a new perspective how their work is welcomed in the professional world. The coach enterprises are: MacCann, Interprofit, El Periodico, La Ser, Filmax and Lavinia

The BondLand,Advertising project assigned to Interprofit 

Project by: Laura and Carolina Zamora Serratos

The Bond Land, in English “Union Territory” is a project that presents the first fusion music festival in Barcelona. The festival has as main objective solidarity and to be an event of tolerance, anti-racism and ecologyl. It targets young Millenials and Generation Z, between 18 and 35 years, of different nationalities. The project includes bringing young local and international artists to perform concerts during the last three days of the festival in Barcelona. It will also have international gastronomy placed in FoodTrucks and new technology trends such as QuietClubbing.The project also includes the economic impact it will have in the hotel sector and the cultural imprint.captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-08-a-las-15-45-03

Dibsee Advertising project assigned MacCNN

Project by: William Carvajal, Javier Estevez and Aksel GERMES

Dibsee is an app wich gives promotions and gifts using the new Beacon tachnology. This app filters each user’s interests and sends promotions and giveaways to users from establishments that are neraby and have relation with the costumer interests. This app aims to increase sales and introduce technology Beacon in our daily life. This technology uses low energy Bluetooth or Smart Bluetooth signals to send unique and personalized notifications to mobile devices that are near the base that emits the signal. This complex mechanism allows virtual payments or check-in to virtual social networks. The app therefore developed a new system to send promotions and giveaways less intrusive than traditional methods and simpler, more personal and  costumized staff and other apps.dibsee_card3-36

Feel Music & Dance,Journalism project assigned Laser

Project by: Ares Calderero, Christian Martinez, Sergio Martinez and Arnau Aguirre

Feel Dance & Music is journalistic company focused on the genre electro-latin. This will create a brand that will be output via App, web and events where people can enjoy music, news, interviews and reports. The electro-latino music sort is varied and includes several variants to a wide audience grow. The objective of the brand F&D is to create a community of fans who use the brand as a source of journalistic content to help them consolidate their musical interest in the genre electro-latino.captura-de-pantalla-2016-01-18-a-las-19-17-57


Kronos journalism project assigned to the Newspaper

Project by: Marc AlsiusCristina Bosch, Pol Louis and Alejandro Gomez

Kronos Media is a project that aims to go one step further into the digital press. It consists of a software app that is part of the journal chosen to facilitate and optimize the reading of the contents of this. Once inside Kronos choose a section (international, national, sports …) and time (between 1 and 5 minutes). Once these parameters are established, Kronos, using the most modern techniques of natural language generation and geolocation services,generates a piece of news which adjusts to our parameters and has an estimated time of lecture which fits in the time we’ve given to the app. This project aims to modernize the concept of digital media making it more intuitive and easier.unnamed-2

Behind the leaves, Film and TV project assigned to Lavinia

Project by: Gerard Campos, Laia Canadell and Eric Pons

Behind the Leaves is an interactive documentary webseries about the trip that a group of young people will make in Europe and Asia to document and understand the world of ecovillages. The product is a transmedia websèrie because the viewer can go see new content on the Internet, such as interviews, photos and the latest news of the trip. The webseries will be starring seven young people: a journalist, a director, a producer, a director of photography and three musicians, traveling by van. The result will be seven chapters plus the welcome in Barcelona, which will be a concert. To this we add the additional content that will be updated over the Internet in real time.



El método,Film and TV project assigned to Filmax

Project by: Clara Franch Vilagut Martin and Gemma Capdevila

El método, in English The Method, is a psychological thriller / drama. The film is starring an elderly actor who wants to regain the success he had years ago. Her companion in the film  is an actress with whom he doesn’t maintain a good relation since previous years. To prepare the film, the director, decides to send them to spend time alone in a shelter, where they will come into conflict which will be the heart of the plot. The film lasts 100 minutes and is aimed to a young audience between 20 and 40 years.



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