On June 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th the project InnoEvent Blanquerna was done in Barcelona. This project is based on the model already developed 6 years ago in Denmark among Odense University Hospital, Local Odense authority and the Lillebælt Academy, which aims to create a model of approaching closer hospitals, students from last year’s degrees and industry-related innovation, not only in medicine but also other specialties.

This project was born in Barcelona thanks to the relationship between the members of the South Region of Denmark (Odense) and Catalonia, in relation to European projects from the European Commission. Denmark experience and its application in Finland were positively assessed. The project proposal came from the Ramon Llull University, the Faculty of Health Sciences Blanquerna and Hospital-San Rafael Hospital Sisters of Barcelona, for mutual understanding and hospital professionals who are also teachers in Blanquerna University.

On March 2016, Blanquerna and hospital members visited the InnoEvent program in Odense. At that time an agreement was signed between Lillebælt Academy and San Rafael Hospital to carry out this experience in Barcelona.

With the institutional support of Blanquerna and Hospital San Rafael, a team of teachers and staff from Blanquerna started to get ready the event, taking into account the following:

  • Start with a pilot experience to try to adapt the model to a new environment, first one in southern Europe
  • Official language during the event: english
  • Students from last year degree of the Faculty of Health Sciences Blanquerna, Pere Tarres i IQS.
  • Only 10 groups/ 8 students per group
  • Two hospital problems proposals were provided to solve among 4 groups
  • First year students to support the work
  • Teachers supporting each group as a coach, without offering ideas
  • Small faculties spaces during the work to control variables

During the preparation of the event, students were recruited voluntarily from both: last year grades and first year students. Letters were sent to students, stakeholders and all the academic positions at the University Ramon Llull of different degrees. Also, stakeholders were invited to perform an assessment during the meeting.

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Joan Bosch