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IN-EDIT. Musical Documentary Film Festival of Barcelona, from October 25 to November 4

IN-EDIT is an international network of musical documentary film festivals. Created in Barcelona in 2003, it has organized a total of 42 editions in different countries of the world, such as Chile, Brazil, Mexico or Germany, exhibiting around 700 musical documents throughout its history, and currently mobilizing more than 100,000 spectators in year.

This year the 16th edition of the Festival is held, from October 25 to November 4, in two multiple rooms on Aribau Street. The opening of the hand of The King, work of the American Eugene Jerecki. The closing will be musicalized by another reference, but in this case of the rumba: Peret, protagonist of “I am the rumba”, by Paloma Zapata. And in between, a program that is music for the ears.

You can check the schedule here:

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