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The brands join to the video to connect with the consumer

For 2019 the data indicate that 80% of the content generated on the Internet will be video. Facebook has added to this belief by stating that in five years the text will no longer be used and the only thing that will be consumed will be visual. Just have to see the success stories Instagram are having, in just two years there are 400 million users who share content every day. These predictions show the change in the habits of the population, which takes into account all the brands.

The mobile phone is the main support through which we consume, which is why it is the first premise that they start when it comes to structuring their way of communicating with the consumer. Vertical videos, previously considered a flaw, are growing with the proliferation of smartphones as the main support.

Visual information that looks after design is more attractive and stimulating. In addition, people remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read, and only 10% of what we hear. The visual allows us flexibility and synthesis when communicating, and thus the production of content that is easy to retain.

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