The MiLAB brings Virtual Reality to the Faculty at the hand of the Alumni Jordi Valls

Last Friday, October 26, the MiLAB invited the Alumni Jordi Valls who made a demonstration of the possibilities offered by the VR (Virtual Reality) production. This session was made in the framework of the seminar of the third course of professor Jaume Benet. Jordi Valls is an Alumni of the 12th promotion and has recently launched a new business project to produce VR content.

The students were able to experiment with a camera that allows recording stereoscopic images at a 180º angle. Later, once the images were processed, they were able to view them through the Oculus Go virtual reality glasses. In this way they were able to know firsthand the characteristics and conditions of a VR production. This is an area that opens new horizons in audiovisual production and, as Jordi Valls commented, is a field that lends itself to experimenting with language and has sought to find ways in which this medium can play a leading role in a future.

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Ana Villarejo