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Photogenic Festival November 17, 2018

Photogenic Festival presents projects of emerging photographers and new talents in a non-conventional format, exposing them to unique shops, thus creating an exhibition track where photography, small commerce and their products are enhanced.

Barcelona, ​​as a reference in the creative sector, hosts a new festival format that fosters new photographic proposals to the public. This project shows that culture must be available to everyone. As support for the festival, great artists opt for this initiative by conducting conferences, workshops, masterclasses and other activities.

Through the payment of the ticket, there is access to all the conferences and activities, except payment workshops, which will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the space of the former Estrella Damm Factory and which are part of the program of the Festival With the entrance you can access the site as many times as necessary. Conferences such as Bleda and Rosa, Sandra Balsells (Faculty Teacher), Docfield, FIU, Marta Mas, Oliver Vegas, Verónica Fieiras, magazines presentations like LF Magazine, OAK Stories, 5W and many other surprises can be enjoyed. Tickets are only available for sale online. Tickets will not be available at the site. For more information on the conferences and activities of the

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