‘Kim amb K’, second prize d’Assaig Tube

The life of this successful instagramer, developed by two students of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication, has just won the second prize of the Tube d’Assaig 2018.  The cash prize of 5,000 euros for the purchase of emission rights will allow them to carry out a second season.

Oriol Cervera and Mònica Garcia, former students of Audiovisual Communicaction and absolute leaders of this project, recently presented two new episodes of the series in the Faculty, a humurous fiction that explains the life of an instagramer from Barcelona

Kim amb K” started as a pilot episode of a fake documentary that lasted about 20 minutes, emerged from the work done in a fourth-year seminar, in this case the documentary taught by professor Oriol Gispert. That is to say, the series is the result of a month’s work, incubated within a seminar.

The pilot was a finalist in last year’s Serialized Fiction Pilots Showcase, and now, after collecting sources through Verkami, they have won the Tube d’Assaig award.


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