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The 24th edition of MINIPUT, the only state-owned television show, was held this Saturday, December 1 from 10 a.m. to 9 in the CCCB’s theater, 11 hours of entertainment, with 14 programs.

MINIPUT offers sessions that include projections and debates with those responsible for the most innovative, provocative and educational television programs.

The programs that are projected are those most appropriate to induce reflection, because of their innovative or experimental approach, because they propose a new television format, because they use new technologies or because they have generated controversy in their country of origin. It is an occasion for the western market to know the television production of countries with a limited circulation, such as certain areas of the third world.

Awards are not distributed, nor is it promoted any kind of competition.

Registration is free and you can do it through  your website

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Ana Villarejo