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Barcelona VisualSound

The Barcelona VisualSound Festival (Audiovisual Festival of Young Creation) is an exhibition space and a promotion platform for young artists and creators in the audiovisual field.

Barcelona VisualSound is committed to young people, its presence in different neighborhoods of the city, the diversity of formats and audiovisual disciplines and to accommodate public and creative people with different sensibilities.

The Festival competition distributes 8,300 euros in prizes of different types of participation (categories and contests) and a special prize “Special Award MAX 20”:

  • Documentary film.
  • Fiction.
  • Video clip.
  • Contest 2 minutes in 1 day.
  • Special MAX Award 20. The works presented by the director and / or the filmmaker born as of January 1, 1997 in any of the categories will be eligible for the Special Award “MAX 20” for the best work, endowed with 1300 euros This special prize will be compatible with the other prizes of the Festival Competition Section.

It aims to become a platform for dissemination and creation in the audiovisual field of the city, promote and disseminate young creators in the audiovisual field, introduce people with creative concerns in the audiovisual field through an attractive and innovative programming and to turn the Festival into a reference event for new proposals in the audiovisual field.

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