MiLAB Conference: Virtual Reality in the real world

On Monday, February 18th, the first edition of the MiLAB Conference took place. These Days are born with the aim of facilitating the approach to the changing reality caused by the technological boost of the new economy 4.0.

This first day, focused on the field of Virtual Reality, was attended by Alumni Jordi Valls of Mentor VR and with Marta Ordeig, promoter of the Virtual Reality Garage Stories laboratory.

In the first part of the Day, Jordi Valls gave a panoramic view of the current moment of Virtual Reality within the framework of new immersive technologies. We were able to know first hand the foundations, the potential and the challenges posed by this technology in the different fields of Communication and International Relations.

In the second part, Marta Ordeig reflected in a set of practical cases made in recent times of his Garage Stories project. He also explained in detail what are the narrative possibilities of the new language that generates this new medium, and how is the prototyping process and the creation methodology in a Virtual Reality production.

💡 MiLAB is working on the next day’s schedule. Later on, the topic of the day and the date will be announced, as well as the procedure to make the registration.

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