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Sixth call of the “Barcelona Shopping & Shooting”

We invite you to participate in the solidarity contest in which commercial axes and film creators come together to support commerce and the culture of the city.

You have the possibility to participate in the Short Film Competition of BCN and the International Short Film Competition.

The Short Film Competition of BCN consists of recording a 5-minute short film with a keyword and a protagonist store for only 5 days. The recordings will take place from March 14 to May 11. You have time to sign up until April 30.

The International Short Film Competition is a competition open to the participation of filmmakers from around the world to present short films in which a local store from any city or town in the world participates in its history. The duration of the shorts can not exceed 20 minutes and its history must implicitly have a small trade that offers proximity services to its neighbors. Therefore, all those shorts in which large shopping centers and large surfaces will appear will be excluded, unless the argument forms part of a social analysis that justifies them.

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Ana Villarejo