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Moritz Feed Dog 2019: Documentary Film Festival about Fashion, Culture and City

Moritz Feed Dog is the first Documentary Film Festival about Fashion, Culture and City held in the State. The event will take place from March 28 to 31 in Barcelona, ​​led by Moritz and IN-Edit Productions.

This Festival turns fashion into the central axis of the films. Since the first edition in 2015, the Moritz Feed Dog intends to show the general public the richness and complexity of fashion as a cultural phenomenon in constant transformation.

In record time it has become the event of the year for fashion lovers who defend its character as a cultural manifestation. This year the programming is the most diverse in its history. With a clearly intersectional character, the festival offers a selection of films that explore themes related to the fashion industry. From the rebirth of textile culture in Cambodia, to the never-before-seen sketches of Christian Dior, through the thousand and one facets of Leigh Bowery, who made his life a work of art.

Four days in which you will be able to learn more about how some of the people who still work today have continued to be immovable references, but above all, how they have struggled to reach the top and change the paradigms that had constricted them. And also, to fall in love again with the fashion industry, which despite being one of the most harmful for the planet, is also one of the most powerful and with more projection to change things.

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