Is the video worth more than 1000 characters? Trends in social networks

Last Monday, April 8th, the second edition of the MiLAB Conference took place. The objective of this day was to update the knowledge in the strategies of content in the social networks.

First, we analyzed the latest trends in digital communication and technological innovation used in social networks. We analyzed it, thanks to Marc Elena, cofounder and CEO of the company Adsmurai, the only Catalan company specialized in digital advertising management that works with Facebook and Instagram. Now, the company is working with artificial intelligence, to give your company a wide range of content generation.

In an environment where technological innovations originate week after week, Marc augurs that, in the coming years, campaigns should know how to adapt to the new rates that will mark Facebook, as this social network is the one that works as a the greatest exponent in the world of marketing and has more followers, namely 2.3 trillion users, compared to WhatsApp with 1.9 trillion followers.

For Marc, the biggest challenge is to find professionals adapted to the new needs of digital communication. “It’s very difficult, because the future of this is never known,” says Marc. And adds “The most important thing is to have environment change capabilities and be a hybrid profile.”

To end the day, we learned first hand the outstanding role of the strategy of social networks in the Operación Triunfo program, thanks to the presence of Albert Vico, Alumni of the Faculty. Vico is in charge of bringing the social networks of the program, along with the youtuber Belén Pueyo.

The last two editions of Operación Triunfo marked a before and after in the way of integrating television content into social networks. The combination of platforms and interactivity with the public has been key to its success, thus becoming a great mass phenomenon without precedents in Spain thanks to its multimedia strategy.

This success has been key thanks to:

  • APP
    A specific APP was created for the program, through which the possibilities of interaction increase, you can vote and access exclusive news.
  • Social Networks
    Thanks to the social networks, interest has been generated on the part of the users thanks to the various actions that have been planned, as well as the dissemination of relevant news through these channels.
  • Program Hashtags and daily TT
    Thanks to the hashtags, the program became Trending Topic every day, until the last program emes.
  • Casting
    The choice of fresh, close and natural offerers has made a great connection with the audience.
  • Publications
    The posts of the official account or in the personal Instagram of each offerer offer the day to day of the offerers and the professors. There was even a timetable in which they informed you about what the contestants did every hour.

Albert Vico informed us about the total number of visits YouTube had: 7,568,509,737 and 77 days. This is a total of 143 centuries of content. Official Twitter received an average of 19 million visits each year in 2017.

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