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CLAM (International Social Film Festival of Catalonia)

Since 2004, the CLAM (International Social Film Festival of Catalonia) has promoted and disseminates the values ​​of solidarity, human rights and civil rights through the seventh art. With the idea of ​​betting on a cinema committed to reality, of quality and that serves as a point of reflection and debate on social issues, CLAM is, essentially, a multidisciplinary festival. Therefore, its basic objective is the dissemination and promotion of films that contribute to the knowledge of world cinema in the sections of social cinema, on Human Rights and Civil Rights.

Solidarity film screenings (short films and feature films) are complemented by parallel activities of different artistic and cultural disciplines, such as lectures or colloquiums, exhibitions, professional masterclasses, theatrical performances or concerts.

This year is celebrated from May 3 to 12, 2019, and 269 short films and 98 feature films will be presented.

The Festival has two competitive sections in which producers, filmmakers, and individuals or legal entities from all over the world can participate who own the rights to the works they present;

  • XV Edition of the short film contest.
  • V Edition of the feature film contest.

It has also incorporated new activities such as a short contest in which the public awards the best short film seen during the festival. Similarly, since the first edition is awarded with the “Pere Casaldàliga Award for Solidarity.”

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