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Six free digital tools for journalists

It is important to remember that tools do not make journalists. Anyway, a good kit can be a great help.

When we investigate for a story, we usually have a lot of different tabs open in our browser, which can be difficult to use when we search for the particular tab that is needed. Toby is designed to deal with these cases.

Toby is an extension of Google Chrome that allows you to organize the tabs in projects and collections. These appear in your browser as cards, and it is much easier to click on them to find the page you are looking for. is a web portal that helps you find the email addresses of the people you are trying to locate in just a few seconds, and by just entering the page of the company in which you work.

It is a very important tool, since during all journalistic research it is common to find the need to establish communications with people we do not know.


Listen to a complete audio file of an interview It can be tedious, especially when you only need a few relevant quotes.

Cogi is designed to capture outstanding audio fragments. When you start recording, Cogi has also started to do it, but also goes back in time to capture up to 45 seconds before. Therefore, when someone says something interesting, we can press the button and indicate how many seconds he has to go back to store the audio (5, 15, 30 0 45), thus helping to guarantee that we only store the fundamentals of the talks.


Truepic is an excellent photo and video verification application that is fundamental for journalists in this digitally manipulated society, in this way we make sure that nobody has altered these images. It is available for iPhone and Android.


It is considered one of the most useful applications for journalists.

WordPress allows you to manage your digital portfolio, blog or website while you work. You can also access notifications and analysis directly from your Apple or Android device.


Being a good journalist means understanding what people are paying attention to. Currents does exactly that. Follow up and share the most read articles of the day, as well as the performance of certain topics so that journalists can better adapt their content to the public’s demand. Therefore, it allows adding the sources of information that the user wishes to consult and integrate them for reading in an attractive magazine format.

The content is optimized for smartphones and tablets, allowing intuitive navigation between texts, images and video on large and small screens, even without connection.

In addition to subscribing to specific content, the user can add social networks and feeds, public Google+ updates and Google Reader subscriptions.

Likewise, Google Currents is integrated with Google+ so that users can share the articles and multimedia files that they like best with their contact circles.

Available for Android, iPad and iPhone.

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