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Come to the Film and Series Show this weekend

The Film and Series Show is consolidated in its fourth edition, which will be held on May 17, 18 and 19 at La Farga de l’Hospitalet. The name of the assistants of the last editions has been increasing, and there are already more than 60,000 people who have visited the Hall.

CinemaWorld bet another year for this event that, for three days, will unite the worlds of cinema and the series of the same space through activities, exhibitors, exhibitions, contests, live crowdfunding projects and the expected talks with renowned actors, directors, scriptwriters, youtubers, critics and other professionals.



Among the 35 talks stand out the presence of Miki Esparbé and Paco Caballero, who will talk about the process of creating comedy. Oslo, one of the characters from La Casa de Papel, will explain the secrets of the Netflix series. In the field of animation and special effects we will have Sergio Lara (stop-motion animator in Wes Anderson’s last film, Isla de Perros) and with Lluís Rivera, winner of the Goya for best VFX by Súper López, who will explain us his experience in the field of special effects. For his part, Marc Orts, winner of five Goya awards, will give a Masterclass on the evolution of sound technology in the cinematographic field.

The new audiovisual languages ​​will also play a central role with the presence of numerous YouTubers. Among others, Kajal Napalm will reflect, together with Carlo Padial, on how the cinematographic language has influenced the new content creation channels, and Hache and Scarlew Harzac, will introduce us to the world of dubbing and Edgar Wright’s cinematographic universes, respectively. On the other hand, Soy una pringada (Esty Quesada), the well-known influencer, will be another of the outstanding protagonists and will participate in an interactive session in which she will talk about the cinematographic referents that have marked her the most.


There will be very unique exhibitions; starting with the original dresses of science fiction movies like The Chronicles of Riddick or Stargate, as well as a large sample of props from films like Super 8, Peter Pan, The Ring, 28 days later or Hellboy II, among others. The exhibition Making Movies will exhibit original objects from films such as StarWars, Indiana Jones and Alien.

The classic cinema will feature an exhibition of photographs, some of them autographed by the great stars of the golden age of Hollywood.

The most current fiction will be protagonist with Game of Thrones and one of the extras of the series, who will explain the secrets of the shooting; The Big Bang Theory will feature Toni de la Torre and Ramón Cererols as speakers at a talk on science within the well-known sitcom.

The most classic fiction will also have its space with talks about Star Trek and Star Wars. Universe Alien will bring us a direct connection with Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez) and Mark Rolston (Drake), actors from Alien, in a conversation that promises many surprises.


Among the main interactive activities are characterization workshops, professional makeup and cosplay construction; an Impro Show dedicated to the world of cinema; specialist workshops by InExtremis; spaces of stop-motion, visual effects, foleys and sound effects and, likewise, a script creation contest. One of the dishes will be a “Live Zombie Infection“, a space dedicated to interactive entertainment in which you will have to survive a zombie apocalypse.

As part of the party, the public can attend a Cosplay contest organized by BCN Cosplay, and a session of the DJ Electric Method video.


You have a special price of 3.5 euros on Friday, and 4.5 euros on Saturday and Sunday for groups of 5 to 40 people. It is only necessary to enter the following discount code: GRUPS_SALODELCINEMA2019 in this link.

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