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I International Bcn Shopping&Shooting

New contest open to the participation of filmmakers from around the world to present short films in which a local store participates in any city or town on the planet within its history.

The duration of the shorts can not exceed 30 minutes and in its history should implicitly have a small trade offering a proximity service to its neighbors.

Those short films that appear in large shopping centers and large surfaces will be excluded, unless the argument is part of a social analysis that justifies it.

Its objective is the defense of local commerce and to know the customs and traditions of the trade of diverse cultures and corners of the planet. They also want to disseminate the social and commercial reality of an environment such as Barcelona and of different cities in the world. Well, Barcelona has been facing a crisis for years and where local commerce has gone bad but has resisted. As in many artistic manifestations, we want to promote a perception that combines a clear picture of reality with a strong component of hope.

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