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FIRE begins (International Homosexual Film Festival)

FIRE!! It treats affective diversity in its broadest sense, through a careful selection of feature films and documentaries. Organized by the Casal Lambda in Barcelona since 1995, it is the first LGTB-themed film festival created in Spain.

For two weeks, different venues in Barcelona (and, occasionally, also from outside) invite a wide range of audiences of this musical referent of the city, with stories and testimonies from people, creators who break barriers and fighters for human rights that helps, through love, to build a more just and freer world.

FIRE!! is a tribute to the magazine of the late 1920s, directed by the black and gay writer, Richard Bruce Nugent, portrayed in one of the emblematic films of the festival: Brother to Brother, which was screened years ago.

This year it is celebrated from June 6 to June 16.

Click here to visit their website and get more information.

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