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Tuenti leaves 20 million social network users

Does Tuenti close its doors, as social network, after several years in its death throes? The answer, although it is not official, it’s almost known by everybody because some of the employees of the brand recognized it. They seemed to be tired of trying to answer to a simple question: What …

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The main trends of communication for 2016, according to Hotwire.

Hotwire Communications agency has announced on Tuesday the seventh Communication Trends report, by which the agency predicts 10 communication trends that will dominate 2016. They emphasize, above all, the experience of virtual reality, the primacy of platforms third party content and campaigns that provide a utility to the user. The …

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Nacho Escolar censorship : removed an interview about 11-M

Ignacio Escolar is one of those journalists who are constantly denouncing the bad practices of the profession and does not hesitate to point out to colleagues from other media that in his opinion do not meet its quality standards. Warns on social networks and where needed. One of them occurred …